Truth in humor

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There’s a lot of truth in humor, and this story about faith doesn’t disappoint.

One day there was a truck driver driving on a narrow mountain road. While driving, he lost control and drove over the edge. As the truck was going over the edge, he managed to jump out the window and grab a branch on the side of the mountain. Hanging on to the branch, the driver saw the truck crash below him and catch on fire.

After frantically trying to climb up on his own power and realizing it was impossible, he held on to the branch for his life and screamed out “is there anybody out there!?”. God answered and said “I’m here”. Grateful and optimistic, the driver breathed a sigh of relief and asked God, “can you save me?”. God said “ok, just let go of the branch and I’ll catch you”.

The driver looked down nervously at the burning truck 500 feet beneath him, gripped the branch even tighter and looked back up and said “is there anyone else out there?”

Truth be told, God often calls us to let go of our security and trust Him to do something that makes no sense to us. Easy? Absolutely not, but imagine what kind of life you’ll live after you’ve let go of the branch and have God catch you.

Just a thought.

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