Re-Understanding the “goodness” of God

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As many of you know my wife and I got some good news today. Her pericardial tumor is shrinking and she is (again) headed in the right direction. Many of our friends and family are rejoicing with us now and trust me, I’m THRILLED. You couldn’t wipe this smile off my face with a crowbar!

But I can’t help noticing the way we celebrate good news. The one thing I hear when people get good news is that “God is Good!” or “God is faithful!”. Yes, those statements are 100% true, God is amazing, but not because He’s answering our prayers to heal Danielle.

God was good on January 5th when we found out that Danielle’s tumor returned, God is good when someone dies in a car accident, God is good when a child in a 3rd world country dies of malaria and God was good in the first century when Christians were being burned and eaten alive by lions. In case you haven’t guessed, God is just good, period.

To be really transparent, nothing hurt me more than to hear people celebrate the “goodness of God” in their fortunate circumstances, while my wife lay in a hospital bed with a poor prognosis. Is God not good to the ones suffering? Reading through facebook and twitter was painful to see things like “My wife’s plane landed safely, God is good!” or “I got the job, God is faithful!”. To link God’s attributes to personal blessings sends a powerful and incorrect message about God and I would hate for someone to see our cheer and become disillusioned about God because they’re in a deeper season of suffering.

Even more, there are people that have been deeply hurt and felt abandoned by God because since God was seemingly “good” to others but not to them, they reasoned that either God is cruel or even worse, doesn’t exist.

Is God not good/faithful when life hurts?

In these last weeks, prior to today’s good news, I’ve seen God’s goodness and faithfulness more than I ever have because I’ve received a far more profound blessing than an answer to prayers. God is good because He is literally here with us. Whether in good or tough times, in birth and in death, God comforts, binds and walks with His people. And above all, that is why He’s good.

So rejoice with us, God is healing Danielle! Yet, regardless of our outcome, He’ll be with us and that’s why He’s amazing.

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4 Responses to “Re-Understanding the “goodness” of God”

  1. Maria says:

    Your theology is spot on! Your praxis comes out right!

  2. christin curran says:

    Amen. When we realize that God is always good (even when it does not ‘feel’ like it), that is where we can find true peace and contentment. Otherwise our peace and contentment is circumstantial, shifting sand.

  3. Alfie says:

    Yes, Jordon you are right. The bible instructs us to do so in Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that Love God, to them who are called according to His purpose. This verse came to me, while I was waitng to share my testimony of my survivorship with a church group. We as christians have to get the message out there that God is good in the rough times and the good times. Because it is in rough times our spiritual eyes are open to see, our ears hear and we are able to do things, that would not happen in the good times. I am glad you are allowing God to use you and I will be in much prayer for you.

  4. GRice says:

    Jordan, this is sobering but true. From now on, my testimony won’t be “God is good BECAUSE He’s healing Danielle, but God is good AND He’s healing Danielle”!

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