Growing in Gratitude

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Even though Danielle’s physical situation still hasn’t really improved, in these last couple weeks, I’ve really been growing in gratitude. On the surface that probably sounds like crazy talk, but it really isn’t. Of all the people I can possibly quote right now to explain why, surprisingly Chris Rock is the best.

In one of his stand-ups he was talking about Sigfried and Roy and their Circus act with tigers. A couple years ago, one of the tigers attacked Roy Horn and people were talking about how the “Tiger went crazy”. Chris Rock put it in proper perspective. “That Tiger was going crazy when he was riding a unicycle on stage with a little hat…That Tiger didn’t go ‘crazy’, he went TIGER!”

Tigers are tigers. In their most natural element, they are ferocious, vicious killers that should never be paraded around a stage as if they’re kittens. Bottom line, sooner or later, a Tiger is going to realize its a Tiger and go “Tiger” on someone.

The same thing is true for Christians, not that we’ll go nuts and start biting people, but sooner or later we’ll realize who we really are and why we were created. We children of God weren’t made to be satisfied by money, a job, or even our family. Although none of these things are bad at all, we were created for God, to know Him and have joy in Him. Money comes and goes, you’ll retire from your job and one day all of the people in your life will be no more, but God is everlasting.

These last couple of weeks I’ve really been growing in gratitude for one reason alone. God has been with me and I’m finding a source of joy in that. Its cliche but you never know God is all you need until God is all you have. God plus nothing= Everything and I’m grateful to be in a position to see a glimpse of how true that is. Throughout history many great men and women of the faith have all had this peculiar satisfaction in God and God alone. They weren’t dependent on external circumstances for their fulfillment, but most of them died gruesome deaths with more contentment than I’ve ever known.

Their ultimate satisfaction and source of joy and stability was in God alone. They knew God + Nothing= Everything, and I’m grateful to be growing in that direction.

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6 Responses to “Growing in Gratitude”

  1. Maria says:

    Jordan, thank you for sharing what is reinforcing my personal experience presently.

    God is More!

    My love and prayers for you and Danielle continue.

  2. Grice says:

    You are truly a man of God, Jordan! May He bless you and Danielle mightily!

  3. Alfie says:

    Jordon, I too, am grateful that God is using you to be a light in the darkness, during such difficult time. I am grateful that God is helping you to understand your situation now and not by and by. I will continue to pray for your strength in Christ as you continue to be a tower of strength to Danielle.

  4. Jordan, you are a strong and brave man with strong family support beside you. with that and God on your side, i know everthing will be just fine. my love and prayers are always with you and danielle.

    love judy

  5. Amy Harbo says:

    Hey Jordan,
    I don’t know if you remember me. TA in Ed. Min. Concept maps and questions. 🙂

    I’m sorry; I did not know about your wife’s illness. As someone who sat by my partner’s side in ICU for too many days, and also as someone who was a chaplain in oncology, my heart goes out to you. I know how physically and emotionally exhausted you must be. Inside a hospital, it feels like time has stopped while the world goes on outside. Please know that I will be praying for you, your wife, your families.

    Thanks for your spiritual insights. It is true that God’s love and presence shines more brightly in the dark. May you continue to feel that light.

    Peace to you,

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