second gift of love

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Family and friends, I’m overwhelmed in the very best of ways. I married the incredible Jessica Moreland (Rice!) this past Saturday and here’s a couple things that stood out:
1. If tears are the new macho, I’m freaking Rambo.
2. With no required proof to get a wedding certificate after being widowed, I could easily become a polygamist.
3. God’s grace to bring me this woman will forever astound me.

If I were to try and write a blog to capture our story or love journey, it’d take a month.

Here’s our story:

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3 Responses to “second gift of love”

  1. Yvonne Boxley says:

    Dear Jordan and Jessica, I am so very happy for you both. May you have a blessed , and happy life together. Love you both and see you soon. Cuz Yvonne

  2. Trista says:

    Dear Jordan & Jessica, your story has hit home for me like none other. I’ve never thought I would come across a story so similar to my own. Like you, I lost my spouse at the tender age of 30. Where our stories differ is that I lost my spouse just one month after we got engaged. Two weeks after we got engaged, my fiancee suffered a major heart attack right after his 31st birthday. He was playing basketball when he fell only to slip into a coma. I fought with him for his life for 2 weeks, but he never woke up again. So, I went from celebrating the best time in my life to burying my fiancee. Like the both of you, I went through a deep depression as my life as I thought it would be…never would be. Dreams of a wedding and a family together were now crushed. I thought I would never ever recover and just sank deeper and deeper in my grief. Then, something unexpected happened…I met the person who I was truly meant to spend the rest of my life together. Just meeting shortly after my fiancee passed through friends. He, also, suffered a tragic loss when his father was killed in a motorcycle accident shortly after we met. Then, it was at that moment…a very unique friendship grew out of pain, grief, and mourning. We instantly connected in a way that no other person could through our experiences. We met at the rawest and lowest points in our lives and for some reason, it was so easy. We became a major support system for one another. Out of this…an unexpected and deep love grew. This was in 2008 and fast forward…we just got married in Sept. 2012 in Maryland! In fact, we’ll be celebrating our 1-year anniversary very soon! We have no doubt in our minds that this was fashioned by God, as neither one of us thought we would ever find love again. We are truly happy and look forward to the future. So, thank you for sharing your inspiring story. Without running across your story, I wouldn’t have had the courage to even write this comment. Although, I knew that one day…I would want to tell our story to show how God works. So, on behalf of my husband and I…congratulations to the two of you and I pray for you a lifetime of love, great health, happiness, and joy!

  3. Frank McCook says:

    Truly inspiring story. So happy for you both,all the while remembering your journeys to this time….Love when good things happen to good people…

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