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Grace is sufficient

2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

What’s up everybody, I know I say this every time, but I really desire to blog more frequently. Generally speaking, I don’t like to blog about the small stuff, so good or bad, the result is one blog every 4-6 weeks. Practically speaking, I don’t know how much I live resonates with a massive audience, so I tend to wait for a topic that is applicable for others. I don’t really like blogging about suffering, but this is where I was, and presently am. Life has improved dramatically for me in the last couple months, and my intent is to switch to other topics in the future, but I hope that you can get something from this nonetheless.

I guess one thing suffering does is allow for deep reflection about things you normally wouldn’t think about. I bet that most of you haven’t worried this year about whether you would completely abandon Christianity. Well, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I have on several occasions. My apologies if that sounds disheartening, but its the truth.

I’ve hinted at this in previous blogs, but for transparency sake, one of my biggest fears when I found out my wife’s cancer was terminal was that my life would be irreversibly altered by bitterness, anger or even worse, a complete loss of faith. From the outside looking in, that fear might make not too much sense, but, I’ve been a Christian for a little over a decade and a lot of my identity, friendships and life are built around the Christian faith. But, if Christ wasn’t enough to hold me up when life hit hard then it really wasn’t worth holding on to. Seriously, if I were so overcome with grief to the point that only a liquor bottle could ease the pain, then what’s the point of following Jesus when the pain subsided? It wouldn’t be worth much really. Either the God of the Bible really walks with us, and His grace is really sufficient or He’s a fairytale. An opiate to calm the masses but not fit for personal consumption by the hungry soul.

I know I’m a Christian, and I’ve advertised my faith in Christ prior to, during, and after my wife becoming ill and dying, but please don’t take the following as some pious attempt to proselytize or blindly “praise the Lord”. Even worse, please don’t take this as a profession of personal strength or fortitude by me.

When I was young, it got REAL cold one winter. So cold, that the lake across the street from my house was frozen solid. I’m not sure of the exact protocol, but in order to certify that the ice was safe enough, they literally drove a garbage truck on it. Apparently looking at it isn’t determinative of its strength. The best way to determine its strength is to roll something ridiculously large on it and if it could support the garbage truck with no problem, then it would be able to easily support people ice skating. And it did.

What I would hope for anyone that every reads this blog to have assurance in is this. The foundation of Christ is immeasurably strong. Stronger than I ever imagined. Not strong because of me, strong in spite of me. Having never really had to stand solely on it, I feared that God’s grace was thin ice, just something deep religious people talked about, but when the garbage truck of death and suffering drove in, it turned out to be a glacier the size of a mountain underneath. My fears have been relieved, God really is as advertised and for that I’m eternally encouraged. His grace is enough to sustain and make me thrive no matter what is around.

Plainly stated, I would love nothing more than for everyone who knows my story and similar ones, to see my garbage truck of suffering resting comfortably on the ice of God’s grace and to trust God more boldly, that no matter what His grace is enough for you to really live for Him and trust Him in ways you didn’t think possible.

God’s grace is sufficient for me.

God’s grace is sufficient for you.

You can’t drown, you can’t sink, His unrelenting Grace will hold you up no matter what.

Confusion, disappointment, doubt about your future, pain, death, money problems, relationship problems, or your own inabilities are opportunities for you to test the strength of the foundation.

He hasn’t lost one, and you won’t be the first.

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3 Responses to “Sufficient…”

  1. GRice says:

    Wow – “garbage truck of suffering” ! What a powerful and accurate analogy! Thank you Jordan for this comforting message and the reassurance that His grace is indeed sufficient.

  2. Roger says:

    I witnessed that heavy vehicle with you after about 20 days of freezing weather. The ice was really THICK & could support about 6,000 pounds. It was stonger than concrete. I do not want to be to philosophical but on what foundation was Jesus walking when he walked on the “thick water” of lake? Was Peter’s faith first like ice when he followed Jesus ( onto the lake )?

    I witnessed the heaviness of your grief BUT I knew the foundation that you have developed would not let you sink. I hope that you also consider your family to be like “THICK ICE” supporting you!

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