Perception is Reality

Twitter has a service built into the website called “TopTweets” that follows everyone on twitter and uses an algorithm to select the most popular tweets and Retweets. To my embarrassment, this was a “Top Tweet” today, meaning it had been reposted by thousands and thousands of users today. RT @JapanPhotos: DO NOT send money to […]

Truth in humor

There’s a lot of truth in humor, and this story about faith doesn’t disappoint. One day there was a truck driver driving on a narrow mountain road. While driving, he lost control and drove over the edge. As the truck was going over the edge, he managed to jump out the window and grab a […]

Advantages of Difficult Times

I got this list from “Where is God When it Hurts” by Phillip Yancey. He quotes Monica Hellwig with 10 advantages that difficulties have in our life, that we would NEVER be able to attain otherwise. In his book, Yancey argues that the question we must ask of God in difficult times is not “why?” […]