Theology of Healing Pt. 3

Alright ladies and gents, this topic could go on for months but this is the last posting on “healing” for awhile.  (Leave a comment about another issue you’d like to see discussed) Myth # 3 “Don’t Claim it!” The Christian Word of Faith movement in America brought with it a number of thought processes about […]

Theology of Healing Pt. 2

Myth # 2 “You need unwavering faith for God to heal you”. Similar to the last myth that “God’s will is to heal everyone”, this myth can be equally devastating because it puts the focus on the person and not God.  Yet, the overlooked truth of the matter is this:  Faith doesn’t heal, God does. […]

Theology of Healing Pt. 1

Let me first say that I truly believe that God is a healer. Still to this day, He heals the sick, broken and needy. The good news is that in these last couple of months I’ve personally seen God take my wife from her deathbed, where the Doctors gave her no chance at survival and […]